Marie the Bird

Marie graduated in law and political sciences, she then attended the École Estienne. Before becoming a graphic designer in numerous Agencies in Paris she also worked with advertisers on the Island of Reunion. Marie is a pioneer of “Vegetal Street Art” here in France. Whilst teaching Applied Arts she started to glue moss plants on walls. This style of grafting develops and deploys its ramifications these Street Art creations are photographed, and then other research can lead to nomadic formats. The materiel and its sensations are always at the heart of Marie’s exceptional works of mixed art techniques. With her Mousse Graffiti and Wood Graffiti Marie offers solutions for all forms of communication with natural aesthetics which are made with raw materials that are essentially organic. Posters, casts and printed wooden objects, moss plant sign-age all come to life in creative movements and they also come together in Art, Design, Technology and Nature.

Her artworks

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