In the early 2000’s, this artist writer from Lorrraine, started painting classic graffiti characters such as the famous BBoys. Scaf is member of the Smala Crew, a renowned collective that brings together the best graffiti artists of eastern France. They realise many walls in Luxembourg and Germany where they become a true reference. Their Crew focuses on working together and mixing styles. With several years’ experience under his belt, Scaf finally veered towards Hyperrealism, a style in which he has constantly approached perfection from one fresco to the next, only using spray paint. He has now mastered the technique to the point of varying his models, wavering between photography and cartoons. Scaf realises stunning 3D illusions. His XXL anamorphic walls (trompe l’oeil) are world-famous and renowned in the United States, Colombia, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, France. He realised a 3D T-Rex for the Los Angeles Museum of Illusion, Hollywood Boulevard. His talent is a permanent fixture at graffiti jams and street art collectives. Scaf is as surprising on canvas as on walls.

His artworks

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