Since his birth back in the 80s, Valer has lived in the world of comic strips. His first name is that of the greatest French 3D space opera based on a comic strip. Towards the end of last century he discovered graffiti and took this much scorned art up with passion. It was an outlet for his creative streak, and he could do it outdoors. In 2002 he set up the Smala Crew, a collective of top writers in eastern France, who produced many frescoes in Luxembourg and Germany, where they became a reference. While Smala continued with its collective work, Valérian was absorbing the work of great names such as Dare, Kongo, Tilt and Mist. For a long time he was not interested in solo work, until he started experimenting with a new surface, canvas. The smala on walls has given way to Valer on walls and canvasses. Yet he has not sacrificed his soul, remaining true to the source that nurtured him: graffiti!

His artworks

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